Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Bad Logic at Biologos

From Bilbo at Telic Thoughts:
I'm discovering that anytime I need an easy target, I can just go over to

. . .

Instead we get treated to some meandering thoughts about how we can't conclude that aliens designed Stonehenge, therefore it shouldn't be taught in school, therefore ID shouldn't be taught in school. All of which has nothing to do with pursuing the question of whether or not ID is true.

Thank you, Biologos, for another easy target.

I will let you read Bilbo's easy destruction of Glover's silly argument made there. Sadly I have had similar sentiments in reading some of the posts at Biologos. So is Glover really that bad at thinking through the arguments and obvious counter-arguments? Or does he not understand ID? Why are TE folks so eager to make up bad arguments against ID?

This reminds me of my other posts about why "Bad Arguments Convince Me." More discussion of bad arguments here and here.

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