Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Richard Dawkins' Documentary Tactics Part 2: Root of All Hypocrisy?

This is from a press release from Premise Media Corporation, producers of the movie EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed:
The producers of EXPELLED are particularly amused by Dawkins's complaint that the name of the film was changed from "Crossroads" to "EXPELLED" suggesting that this re-naming was a deception. Dawkins is well aware of the fact that movie titles change. When he was interviewed for EXPELLED he made the comment that the title of his anti-religion documentary, "Root of all Evil?" was chosen as a replacement for the original title late in the process.

Who is deceiving whom? It appears that Dawkins is indeed "learning to laugh" at the concept of moral responsibility . . . or any prospect of moral consistency.

I keep finding Richard Dawkins is the source of heaps of irony. The fact that he commented on changing the title of his own film during the interview for Expelled, oops, I mean Crossroads, is exquisite. Think that clip will make the final cut?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Richard Dawkins' Documentary Tactics

As a comment to my previous post on the false accusations of dishonesty regarding the film Expelled, one commenter had this to say:
They could have done what Dawkins did for his "Root of All Evil" series, which was to cherry-pick opponents who only had weak arguments, thereby making himself look smarter. Instead, they went straight to the leaders of the opposition, who only had...

Oops. Never mind.

Which is more dishonest: Accurately telling people the subject matter of a documentary, but not disclosing the editorial angle, or misrepresenting the best arguments for a position by only presenting the weakest advocates?