Friday, December 01, 2006

The Pregnant Women War on Science

“It comes down to this: I just don’t buy it,” said Holly Masur, a mother of two in Deerfield, Ill., who often had half a glass of wine with dinner during her pregnancies . . .

I am waiting for the NAS denunciation of pregnant women who have half a glass of wine twice a week. Let's face it: they are destroying science and rationality. And what are they teaching their children? Where is the proper respect for the unerring wisdom of the scientific establishment? Pregnant women are the real threat to science. And let's not forget that they are the primary culprits of over-population as well.

The article goes on to note that pregnant French women are going so far as to eat raw vegetables.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving, Richard Dawkins!

Thank you, Richard Dawkins, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

As noted in my last post, this Thanksgiving I give thanks for Richard Dawkins. He makes the premise of this blog so easy to establish.

* * *

I meant to post this on Thanksgiving Day, but with Richard Dawkins, it is Christmas all year round. Science bless us, every one!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Cornucopia of Cornelia

Here is a collection posts having to do with Cornelia Dean articles:

Cornelia Dean and the Editorial Pseudo-Quote

6 Nov 2006 by Lawrence Selden

I think Cornelia Dean (discussed in my last post) may have invented a unique journalistic device. I call it the Editorial Pseudo-Quote. You might also call it the Editorial Tag-Along. How do you do it? You provide a direct or indirect ...

Darwinian Fundamentalism -

Cornelia Dean, Cornelia Dean: What Was She Thinking?

15 Nov 2006 by Lawrence Selden

Finally, Evo News has another post about an editorial Cornelia Dean wrote, which I am sure was a cathartic experience for her. Her desire to express her personal opinion is reflected in much of her "news" articles. ...

Darwinian Fundamentalism -

There She Goes Again, Again, Again

2 Nov 2006 by Lawrence Selden

On January 19, 2006, I published a post with the title "There She Goes Again," about Cornelia Dean and her habit of repeating in every article the editorial comment that there is no credible scientific challenge to the theory of ...

Darwinian Fundamentalism -

Cornelia Sticks With Her Creed

3 Aug 2006 by Lawrence Selden - References

In a recent NY Times article, (also here and here) Cornelia Dean discussed several books dealing with science and religion, including the new one by Francis ... Hey Cornelia, who gets to decide what is a "credible scientific challenge"? ...

Darwinian Fundamentalism -

A Plea to Stop Stereotyping

9 Nov 2006 by Lawrence Selden - References

It also relates to the recent posts about Cornelia Dean and her stereotyping agenda of focusing only on the similarities between intelligent design and creationism, but keeping her readers in the dark about the very important ...

Darwinian Fundamentalism -

Contemplating Cornelia’s Creed

20 Jul 2005 by Lawrence Selden

As noted in an earlier post, Cornelia Dean, in her July 9, 2005 article “Leading ... And why do you think Cornelia Dean needs to keep reminding her readers not ... And finally, next time you read a Cornelia Dean article, try playing the ...

Darwinian Fundamentalism -

More on Cornelia Dean

17 Jul 2005 by Lawrence Selden

I have already commented on Cornelia Dean's recent article in the New York Times here. John West at the Discovery Institute has made some interesting comments on the ethics of Dean's dual role as news reporter and editorial advocate ...

Darwinian Fundamentalism -

More Amusement From Cornelia

26 Sep 2005 by Lawrence Selden

Cornelia Dean articles never cease to amuse me, and her latest is no exception. The article discussed how museums deal with visitors who question Darwinian theory on "religious grounds":. Lenore Durkee, a retired biology professor, ...

Darwinian Fundamentalism -

There She Goes Again

19 Jan 2006 by Lawrence Selden

Speaking of My Favorite Posts, Cornelia Dean has shown that she has not ... I love Cornelia. Sometimes it is hard to show media bias because of its subtlety. ... You can find related follow up posts by putting "Cornelia" in the "search ...

Darwinian Fundamentalism -

Freaking Out About Christoph Schönborn

10 Jul 2005 by Lawrence Selden

Cornelia Dean, in a "news" article in the July 9, 2005, New York Times, makes much of ... And now for some really breaking news from Cornelia: ... Cornelia Dean and the Times, with these dogmatic statements of personal opinion, ...

Darwinian Fundamentalism -

Losing Her Religion?

23 Aug 2005 by Lawrence Selden

Good ol' Cornelia Dean wrote the latest article in The New York Times' series on evolution and intelligent design. Strangely lacking was Cornelia's Creed, which appeared so ritually in her previous articles. Has she lost faith in it? ...

Darwinian Fundamentalism -

Oh yeah, that deity who does not transcend nature

6 Jul 2005 by Lawrence Selden

A piece by Cornelia Dean in the New York Times contained this interesting assertion:. It is evolution's acceptance of nature as the only true scientific authority and its capacity to fall in the face of a more effective explanation that ...

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