Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Expelled DVD

I have been wondering for quite some time what extras might be included on the DVD for the film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. If anyone has any information in this regard, please comment here. I hope that it includes a lot more interview footage. With all the quality footage in the film, I am sure there is plenty of quality material that had to be edited out.

There were complaints that the film did not explain ID enough. I am sure that they will include some extra material addressing that.

It could be that the DVD will be as much of a bombshell as the original documentary. The original was targeted to a wide audience, so interview segments were kept short. The DVD may contain statements that will be of much greater interest to scientists and specialists.

What I hope for most? A segment showing Dawkins, Myers and others contradicting NCSE propaganda on many points. We saw a glimmer of that in the film.

I am counting on seeing the part where Dawkins admits that he changed the name of his documentary for marketing purposes before it was released.

I plan to buy two copies of it as soon as it is released: one to keep and one to loan out to as many people as possible. I encourage all my readers to do the same.