Tuesday, April 01, 2008

PZ Myers and I Were Expelled From a Rolling Stones Concert

Once upon a time, PZ and I heard Mick Jagger was giving a free concert at his home. We decided to go. We showed up at the door, but the bouncers would not let us in. They said it was only for family and friends. PZ said that he was a cousin of Mick's. The bouncer took his name and said he would check. He came back and told us to get lost. We left, and I asked PZ why he lied about being Mick Jagger's cousin. He said he wasn't lying since we all descended from the same common ancestor so we are all distant cousins of each other. And because the concert was for family and friends, we were invited too. I said, "PZ, you are a very smart guy.

We walked around to the side of the house and found a window unlocked. We started to climb in. A security officer saw us and told us to stop. PZ said, "How come?" The officer said, you can't just climb in somebody's window. PZ said, "Well, it wasn't locked. That means it is open to the public, you . . . ." (PZ then added some poetic names for the officer that really are not relevant to the story.) I said, "PZ, you are a very smart guy." The officer disagreed.

We left Mick Jagger's home outraged that we had expelled from the concert. I hope you share our moral outrage.

Update: Since future readers may not notice the date of the post, and since PZ seems to love calling people he disagrees with "liars" more than he loves even Darwin, I thought I would add a note saying that this post is an attempt at satire.