Wednesday, March 26, 2008

PZ Myers Expels (Bans?) a Commenter For Asking Difficult Questions

A commenter on PZ Myers' blog has essentially raised the same question as I raised here: Was PZ Myers being truthful when he said that he got on the list to attend the screening of Expelled "just like everybody else." Did he receive an invitation to a "by invitation only" event just like everybody else? Or did he improperly game the RSVP system and then mislead others about doing so?

The commenter, going by the name William Wallace, observed:

PZ's claim is akin to a 10-year-old claiming "just about everybody sneaked in through the theater's back door. Really, dad."

My claim is not all that hard to believe. The Expelled blog has described the event as invitation only, and I know that others who were invited attended.

He added the following:

If PZ had initially asserted that he received an email invitation to which he RSVP'd, and that upon RSVPing, that he then received email confirmation, I would have probably believed it, as this is how it worked for the legitimate cases I know about.

But he has been very, very, very careful not to make this claim, as far as I can tell.

PZ Myers response:

William Wallace: You're wrong. You're also a tedious, boring twit.

You have not been invited to post on this site. Since you're so obsessively concerned about the importance of invitations, you should now go away until I formally invite you.

Anything else would be "gatecrashing" or "sneaking", especially since you haven't even bothered to sign in with your real name.


And that is the last we hear from William Wallace. PZ, thanks for clarifying.

William Wallace was then promptly trashed by other commenters, who apparently did sign in with their real names, such as Cheezits, GumbyTheCat, Umlud, Quasarsphere and Bubba Sixpack.


At March 26, 2008 11:57 PM, Blogger William Wallace said...


Thank you for the uplifting support. I do appreciate it!

At March 27, 2008 1:10 AM, Blogger Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

You know, the way PZ acts reminds me of my husband imitating himself ten years ago, when he was a hacker: "But I didn't BREAK IN to anything, it was right there to be found anyways, there wasn't a lock...."

His view: "The expelled people should have put in an RSVP code, but, yeah, this PZ guy is an idiot if he's mad about getting caught." (Sorry, he is NOT a diplomat.)

At March 29, 2008 8:19 PM, Blogger GumbyTheCat said...

I never trashed Wallace... I made ONE general comment directed at no specific person. Please get your facts straight.

At March 30, 2008 1:14 PM, Blogger Larry Fafarman said...

Sleazy PZ has a rotten nerve complaining about being banned. Just look at his own "killfile dungeon" list of commenters who are banned from his blog.

At March 31, 2008 4:12 PM, Anonymous lawrence said...


The comment was not directed at you, and I apologize if you feel that I mischaracterized your position. The obvious point of that part of my post was that it is common to comment under a nickname, and PZ does not ban everyone who does so. PZ suggests that it is somehow immoral to do so. His moral framework is rather skewed I think.

Is Gumbythecat your real name? If so, then I really owe you an apology.


At March 31, 2008 4:59 PM, Blogger GumbyTheCat said...

LOL! No, GumbyTheCat is not my real name. Thanks for the laugh though. I just felt you were including me in the list of people you felt were "trashing William Wallace" and I just wanted to clarify my position. Thanks.

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