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richard dawkins on cows and humans

8 Nov 2006 by Lawrence Selden

this is from the current time magazine cover article, which consists of a debate between frances collins and richard dawkins. after dawkins compares the morality of killing human embryos to harvest stem cells with the morality of ...

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dawkins on colbert report

19 Oct 2006 by Lawrence Selden

richard dawkins was on the colbert report. it is pretty funny and worth a look. colbert is fairly whimsical throughout, but i think he makes dawkins look rather silly, which, i guess, is not that hard anyway. hat tip to krauze.

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Which Is Worse: Being Bashed By a Crowbar or a Baseball Bat?

22 Nov 2006 by Lawrence Selden

His response to Mr. Harris and Dr. Dawkins was scathing. “I think that you and Richard are remarkably apt mirror images of the extremists on the other side,” he said, “and that you generate more fear and hatred of science.” ...

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id friendly at the new republic #2: id is science

26 Oct 2006 by Lawrence Selden

is intelligent design science? as noted before, richard dawkins says yes. and now, thomas nagel agrees, as do many others (bold emphasis mine):. i agree with dawkins that the issue of design versus purely physical causation is a ...

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"Purely Political Ploy": Fool the Public for the Sake of Science

11 Nov 2006 by Lawrence Selden

Another quote from the TIME article debate between Francis Collins and Richard Dawkins:. TIME: Stephen Jay Gould, a Harvard paleontologist, famously argued that religion and science can coexist, because they occupy separate, ...

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even wired magazine agrees

30 Oct 2006 by Lawrence Selden

even wired magazine agrees: richard dawkins and daniel dennett are "fundamentalists":. my pilgrimage is about to become more difficult. on the one hand, it is obvious that the political prospects of the new atheism are slight. people ...

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Weekend Humor #11: But Enough About Me, Let's Talk About My Quotes

17 Nov 2006 by Lawrence Selden

This indicates that the page is intended as a collection of quotes from a variety of people. You can read previous editions of the Weekend Humor series by typing in "humor" in the search screen above. Richard Dawkins figures prominently.

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you might be an id critic if . . .

16 May 2006 by Lawrence Selden

4. you're astonished that many id supporters fail to make a distinction between people and ideas, when they claim that evolution must be atheistic because of richard dawkins. 3. you're astonished that many id supporters fail to see the ...

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more humor from richard dawkins

5 Feb 2006 by Lawrence Selden

what is an article about intelligent design and macroevolutionary theory without some juicy quotes from richard dawkins? this guy never fails to make me laugh. he always strikes me as a ridiculous caricature of an atheist, ...

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time magazine gets it

9 Aug 2005 by Lawrence Selden

while there is much to groan about in the the recent time magazine article the evolution wars, there is much to like. i especially liked the quote from richard dawkins, in which his darwinian fundamentalism shines through: ...

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the spectrum of worldviews: how we approach the evidence

21 Aug 2005 by Lawrence Selden

many of the current proponents of macroevolutionary theory are rigid materialists. richard dawkins and richard lewontin are good ... i provide a longer quotation, with citation, in this post. richard dawkins has indicated that evolution ...

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daniel dennett: the original darwinian fundamentalist

30 Aug 2005 by Lawrence Selden - References

... i thought it might be a good time to remind people that daniel dennett (and his sidekick richard dawkins) were the original "darwinian fundamentalists" in stephen jay gould's essay entitled "darwinian fundamentalism," discussed ...

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penguins, shy swedish females and the non-speciesist imperative

11 Feb 2006 by Lawrence Selden

in a previous post, i chuckled at richard dawkins' views (as expressed in this washington post article) and his belief that "the fact that humans think of themselves as altogether distinct from other animals -- and the biblical notion ...

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intelligent design is frightening

1 Dec 2005 by Lawrence Selden

it is not surprising that people like pz myers and richard dawkins should react the way they do to intelligent design. we must understand that for passionate atheists like them, intelligent design is more than just a scientific theory. ...

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top 3 countdown

8 Jul 2005 by Lawrence Selden

i am curious to know who people think are the leading darwinian fundamentalists today. my current top 3 are as follows: 1. eugenie scott 2. richard lewontin 3. richard dawkins i will elaborate on the reasons and provide evidence in due ...

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weekend humor #2

10 Sep 2005 by Lawrence Selden

well maybe this entire post isn't that funny, but many parts are. reading the comments is essential with this one. perhaps it's just me, and the fact that i find richard dawkins so amusing almost any time he says anything. sometimes it ...

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