Thursday, May 27, 2010

Alex Wilhelm Debates Karl Giberson, And Forgets His Name

What is funnier than a Huffington Post article by a theistic evolutionist insisting that ID is not dead? Answer: A Huffington Post article insisting that ID is dead, where the writer forgets the name of the other author halfway through.

Karl Giberson becomes "Ginsberg" part way through Alex Wilhlem's article.

To his credit, Giberson's efforts to show why ID is still alive and well are admirable. Having said that, I can think of a hundred other reasons why ID is alive and well.

HT: Evo News blog.


At May 27, 2010 7:56 PM, Blogger Jim Sherwood said...

Giberson is actually complaining that ID is alive and well, in spite of his own desperate war against it. He's an anti-ID fanatic, a zealous Darwin-fan who is also a Christian. He blames support for ID on "agnostic bloggers" who claim that Darwinism and belief in God are incompatible. According to him, they cause Christians to reject Darwinism and embrace ID.

Actually, the main problem with Darwinism (the doctrine that all life somehow emerged by perfectly mindless, mechanistic causes) is its pseudoscientific nature. It is supported by no good evidence, and collides quite harshly with a lot of real evidence. So it's no suprise that many Christians and many non-Christians, including even a few agnostics and atheists, reject Darwinism and conclude that ID is much more credible.

While it's technically true that Darwinist pseudoscience can be reconciled (more or less) with Christianity and with other religions, it's also true that Darwinism provides philosophical materialism (which is often called simply "atheism,") with its traditional "creation story." Thus a survey of "evolutionary biologists" by Provine, a Darwinist, found that about 79% of them are philosophical materialists and atheists. Only about 2%, I believe, were theists. Faith in Darwinism is the main factor that makes materialism seem credible at all, and thus enables materialism to flourish. So it's strange that a Christian like Giberson would preach unjustified faith in Darwinism, and thus help to foster materialist atheism.

At May 27, 2010 8:25 PM, Blogger Jim Sherwood said...

While Giberson preaches blind faith in Darwinism, he does show an awareness of the increasingly powerful scientific position that ID now occupies, in the minds of rational people. And that makes him uneasy. Enter Alex, who calls himself a "religion writer" although he's an atheist or agnostic who apparently disparages all religions. He somehow seems to think that Giberson favors ID, and rushes wildly to the attack against him. It is amusing the way he not only confuses friend and foe, but forgets Giberson's name in his apparent fury. And most of the(overwhelmingly Darwinist) commenters also seem to think Giberson is an ID proponent. It's symptomatic of increasing incoherence and seeming desperation in the anti-ID crowd.

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At April 04, 2011 9:52 PM, Anonymous James said...

Here is a new HBD Bibliography:

Some of the things on it I agree with...others not so much.


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