Thursday, October 30, 2008

Expelled DVD Has Been Released

The DVD for the documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed has been released. I do not have my copy yet, but I will be buying one. For those who have a copy, are there any interesting extras?

You can see a very nice trailer here.


At February 07, 2009 2:14 PM, Anonymous Alistair said...

Speaking of entertainment, Oil Productions in the UK has just launched a crossmedia program, site, community and games about genetics in commemoration of the publication of Darwin's theory 150 years ago.

Watch, play learn all about genetics with Routes - - Sponsored by Channel 4 and the Wellcome Trust.

At February 12, 2009 10:46 PM, Anonymous Solomon said...

Happy Birthday Chuck!!!

At February 19, 2009 5:42 PM, Blogger Victor Erimita said...

I paid to see "expelled" at the theater, but was gravely disappointed. Although some good, strong points were made, any hope of attracting serious skepticism about Darwinian fundamentalism was squandered by the grossly overwrought "connections" to the Nazi death camps and so on. I understand the point about materialism and secularism leading to a collapse of moral values, the devaluing of human life and so on. But trying to discredit Richard Dawkins and his ilk by wandering around old death camp sites isn't going to win any hearts and minds.

And it is unnecessary. The purely scientific inadequacies of the preposterous materialist/Darwinist claims are legion, and a simple explanation of why, from a purely scientific point of view, these inadequacies should be publicized, taught in the schools and faced up to by those who claim a "rationally-based" worldview, would be far more enlightening and persuasive.

Too bad. Missed opportunity.


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