Friday, April 25, 2008

Expelled the Movie: Growing Box Office Success

The numbers from Wednesday are especially encouraging. Expelled was the only film to go up from Tuesday to Wednesday. If you compare Wednesday to Monday, it did dramatically better than most of the top films above it. The Forbidden Kingdom dropped 27.4% from Monday to Wednesday; Expelled dropped only 1.8%. I am guessing that this reflects the benefit of word of mouth buzz.

It has stayed #4 in per screen average among the top films. On Wednesday it came very close to moving into #3.

One thing to keep in mind: this is a documentary. It is a film that makes you think (although it is also surprisingly dramatic, entertaining and engrossing). This means that it is not a typical "Saturday night" kind of a film. I think that is another reason why it is relatively strong during the week, and weaker last Saturday night. I expect the same this weekend.

It is also losing only 11 theatres this weekend. I think that losing those theaters is actually a good thing. It struck me that it opened in more theaters than made sense in certain geographical areas where it was not expected to be popular, to say the least.


At April 25, 2008 5:02 PM, Blogger Ojalanpoika said...

I wish an analogous documentary film should also be made concerning the DINOGLYFS or dinolits:

It seems that the ancient man not only saw but also documented the last megafauna (gigafauna, I should say).

Bruce Albers it was who first accepted from his post as the president of the National Academy of Sciences USA that the biological machinery can be called as such, machinery, without asserting to metaphora. He gave the students that license in 1998. Other animations on the tiny cellular machineries apart from the Expelled movie can be seen in here:
Biochemist, Finland


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