Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Who Is Calling Whom What?

On reviewing my last post, I decided that I should clarify the title. I then saw Greg Laden's friendly comment to that post, which confirmed the need. Laden was just "suggesting" or perhaps "insinuating" that Mooney might be a Creationist.

However, in one of the comments (which I recommended to readers), PZ Myers calls theistic evolutionists "Creationists":
Oh, come on now. I know Mooney isn't a creationist — I read the book. The problem is that if you look at Mooney/Nisbet through the lens of their recent publications, all you can see on this issue is sympathy and support for theistic evolutionists.

And, I'm sorry, but theistic evolutionists are creationists.They're just creationists who accept evidence and readily back off from specific claims about their creator god, but they still place faith in unwarranted assumptions about the existence and interventions of a supernatural being, they just tuck it into the gaps in our knowledge. What makes theistic evolution somewhat acceptable to scientists is that its proponents are so willing to run away from their faith when challenged.

Theistic evolutionists would include people like Ken Miller, who has been a very prominent and vocal proponent of teaching only Darwinian orthodoxy in schools.

Therefore, I think the title is accurate.


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