Monday, April 30, 2007

When Activist Evolutionists Call Other Activist Evolutionists "Creationists"

What is a "Creationist"? Answer: anyone who is less of a proselytizing atheist or dogmatic evolutionist than the person speaking.

There is a hilarious exchange between two people who are both Darwinian activists here and here. The comments to the first post are especially amusing, and show that the word "creationist" has lost any reliable meaning in our culture.

For commentary from the Telic Thoughts folks, look no further than here and here.

For the Washington Post article by Chris Mooney and Matthew Nisbet that sort of spawned this, look here.

For my previous post on evolutionists who love to "lump" people into simplistic categories and remain in blissful blindness to distinctions, read here.

Perhaps we should use sub-categories to distinguish: Hard Core Creationist, Mainstream Creationist, Theistic Evolutionist Creationist, Agnostic Creationist, Evolutionist Creationist, Atheistic Creationist, Militant Atheistic Creationist, Creationist Classic, CINO (Creationist In Name Only), Log Cabin Creationist, Punctuated Creationist, Creationist Lite, Cheap Tuxedo Creationist.

Update: I have clarified the title of this post in a follow up post here.


At May 01, 2007 9:06 AM, Blogger Greg Laden said...

I think you've missed a couple of points here, though I admit the conversation is a bit subtle. First, there was never an accusation of someone being a "creationist." Please read that more carefully!

Second, I'm sure we activist evolutionary biologists are not confused at all about what a creationist is, and the various flavors they come int.

But I do appreciate your interest in the matter!

At May 01, 2007 3:20 PM, Anonymous Lawrence said...

Greg, thanks for your comment. I was planning on posting a clarification of the title even before reading your comment, which I have now done.

Whether activist evo. biologists are confused or not is not my point. I think some people intentionally use the label "Creationist" to paint ID proponents as no different than Young Earth Creationists, and that misleads the public and is not conducive to civil discourse.

If you don't mind, which of the following do you consider to be Creationists and why: Ken Miller, Francis Collins and Michael Behe?


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