Wednesday, April 18, 2007

When Militant Evolutionists Attack Appeaser Evolutionists and Theistic Evolutionists

Big hat tip to Larry Moran for this quote from Michael Ruse about militant evolutionists:

I start to suspect that these people ... in their way are tarred with the same features of which they accuse the creationists. There is a dogmatism, a refusal to listen to others, a contempt for nonbelievers, a feeling that they alone have the truth, that is the mark of so many of the cults and sects that have sprung on American soil since the nation's founding.

It is actually fairly similar to Ruse's comments in his book, which I wrote about here.

Moran in his post is very critical of the strategy, which he attributes to Ruse ("Appeaser"), of trying to hide or deflect attention from the fact that macroevolutionary theory has philosophical and religious implications.

My own position is that macroevolutionary theory has very obvious philosophical and religious implications, and those implications have been reflected in many ways in the intellectual history of Europe and the US since Darwin's day. However, I also think that the underlying science can be separated from the implications. I think the same about the theory of intelligent design: the underlying science can be separated from the philosophical implications. More here.

The problem is that there is a real risk that the philosophical and religious implications will not be kept separate when evolution is taught, and will get passed on to public school kids.

In any case, it is always amusing to watch the Darwinian Fundamentalists fly the flag boldly and sink their teeth into the more moderate macroevolutionary proponents. It also helps thoroughly undermine Judge Jones' untenable position in this regard.


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