Monday, October 24, 2005

Predisposition of Scientists

A further note on Michael Powell's noteworthy article:
Lawyers also peppered Behe with questions about his assertion that those who believe in God are more likely to accept intelligent design. Behe replied that it was a matter not of theology but common sense: An atheist or agnostic will be predisposed to doubt a theory that relies on the possible hand of God.

With this blurb, Powell hints at a topic that I have never seen significantly explored by the mainstream media: how do the worldviews of scientists affect how they view the evidence for and against macroevolutionary theory? Many mainstream scientists have some variation of a naturalistic worldview.

I would love to see the full transcript of the exchange with Behe referenced above. I only hope that the trial judge is sophisticated enough to stop and ask whether a committed materialist will be predisposed to accept macroevolutionary theory, even with less than convincing evidence. After all, their worldview depends on it.


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