Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Michael Behe's Testimony - Update

The Discovery Institute blog has a further update on his testimony and cross-examination.

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Washinton Post writer Michael Powell has this article dated October 18, which contains this:

"The appearance of design in aspects of biology is overwhelming," Behe told the court. "Intelligent design is based on observed, empirical, physical evidence from nature."

. . .

Behe took pains Monday to note that a number of prominent scientists, many of whom are not advocates of intelligent design, have questioned aspects of Darwinian theory. Most criticism concentrates on Darwin's theory of natural selection and variation: Some scientists say that although there is ample evidence of small, evolutionary changes, there is less proof of the grand leaps needed to progress from one-celled life to modern man.

. . . "If Darwinian theory is so fruitless at explaining the very foundation of life . . . one can reasonably wonder if there is some other explanation," Behe said.

I wonder if the ACLU knew that they would be giving so much free publicity to the intelligent design movement, and help it clear up many of the misconceptions that its opponents have tried to propagate?

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The Discovery Institute blog has more information on his testimony, but is taking forever to load.


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