Monday, October 17, 2005

Interview With Michael Behe

Excerpts of an interview with Michael Behe are here.

Of note:

On how his views changed after reading "Evolution: A Theory in Crisis" by Michael Denton:

"It took me aback because I realized then that my acceptance of Darwinian evolution was not based on knowledge that I myself had but rather (on) taking people's say so. ... I looked for an explanation of how the blood clotting system may have arisen and was astounded to find that there were no papers that did anything except kind of raise their hands and say things like, 'Isn't it great how natural selection has provided us with this system?' And now that I was no longer taking Darwin's theory as a given but was looking for evidence to support it, such assurances no longer did the trick. And so at that point I became very skeptical of Darwin's theory and started to think to myself that I was believing in this less because the evidence demanded it than for sociological reasons, (because) my teacher said so and everybody else believed it."

On being an academic who backs ID:

"It's dangerous to your career to be identified as an ID proponent. I had tenure when I wrote my book. But if you don't have tenure - if you're a graduate student or a post-doc or an assistant professor - my strong advice is to keep your thoughts to yourself. You're just asking for big trouble if you go public."

The whole piece is worth reading- especially his comparison of intelligent design theory to the big bang theory.


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