Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jerry Coyne Embraces Censorship Proudly

Jerry Coyne is proud to be given the Censor of the Year award. He justifies his glee, apparently, because in his eyes his passion for censorship is only to stop bad people from "spreading lies to schoolchildren." The only problem with this justification is that the censorship at issue is of a university professor who is teaching an interdisciplinary course with a fairly broad reading list entitled "Boundaries of Science."  Among the "lies to schoolchildren" that he seems proud to censor are writings of highly regarded scientists and scholars such as as Francis Collins, Paul Davies, Owen Gingerich and C.S. Lewis.

In addition to being a proud recipient of the Censor of the Year award, he also seems to be clearly a "Darwinian Fundamentalist." Will he be proud of this designation as well?


More on Paul Davies here and here.


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