Sunday, April 06, 2008

Expelled the Movie: How Many Theaters?

One Darwinian orthodoxy friendly blogger has been passionately tracking the theater distribution of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. This level of interest in the film (and willingness to do lots of counting) hints at how important this film will end up being.

The initial post (including the title of the post) asks the question:
Is it really going to show in theaters at all on April 18? Or are they just going to continue with these "private screenings" and then go direct to DVD, suitable for church and homeschool distribution?

After several updates, the number went from zero, to 435, to 795. I guess it will be in a few theaters, after all.

Where will it end up on the list of all-time box office numbers for documentaries? That will be fun to watch. My guess is it will end up at #3 or better. Wouldn't it be fun if it ended up at number one?

If you want to help it along, there are some things you can do.


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