Friday, May 25, 2007

Who Started the Conspiracy Theory About Hector Avalos?

According to one blog post, someone is making the accusation that Hector Avalos "spearheaded an atheist plot in Iowa." The suggestion is that the Discovery Institute is the culprit. Sounds like a horrible accusation of a sinister conspiracy theory. Who started that rumor? From all I can see, Hector Avalos did.

Avalos makes reference to the "atheist plot" here. He cites to nothing. Commenters cite to this post. But no such accusation is made in that post.

If Avalos is indeed referring to that post, he has missed the main points of it, and failed to respond to the main points. It appears that he has chosen rather to misrepresent the writer in order to portray himself as a victim of extreme accusations.

At the same time he accuses the DI of a "smear campaign." How ironic.


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