Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Fuller on Dover

The lead article in the Post has been updated and now contains this:

Steve Fuller, a philosopher of science at the University of Warwick in England who testified at the trial for the defense, acknowledged that the school board members undercut the case for a new theory.

"Intelligent design has to be de-theologized," Fuller said. "But it will be a shame if a result of this decision is that we can't question Darwinism, which is not just a theory but an entire secular world view that flattens the distinction between humans and other life."

A real shame indeed.

Of course, Judge Jones ruled that Professor Fuller is wrong in his philosophy of science. One of the main flaws in Jones' opinion is that he determined himself competent to tell a whole lot of philosopers of science that their philosophy of science is all wrong. He did not just decide the case. He made many superfluous pronouncements in the realm of philosophy of science that were unnecessary to the decision. Last time I checked the Constitution, that is not part of the job description of federal judges. And his competency to do that? Embarassing.

My previous post on Fuller's testimony is here.


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