Friday, October 28, 2005

More on Science Groups' Attempt to Coerce Kansas Board

The Washington Post has now reported on the attempt by two science organizations to intimidate the Kansas school board by denying permission to use their copyrighted educational materials, which was the subject of my previous post. What is Kansas' crime? Letting kids hear the evidence against macroevolutionary theory when they hear the evidence for it. The Post article contains this remarkable variation of Cornelia's Creed:

Scientific evidence indicates that . . . evolution can explain all of life's biological complexities.

No serious scientist would make this claim. Can evolution explain the origin of life on earth? Of course not. This kind of misconception by reporters is what is being passed on to schoolkids, and is exactly why the new Kansas standards are necessary.

The article does contain this:
John G. West of the Seattle-based Discovery Institute, the major force behind the intelligent design movement, decried the science organizations' latest moves.

"This is clearly an effort to censor the discussion of scientific criticism of Darwinian theory by intimidation and threat," West said.


At October 28, 2005 3:49 PM, Anonymous RA said...

This is great. Let them ban their own materials. The next thing you know they will be poking sharp sticks in their own eyes. LOL


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