Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wired Magazine on Dawkins and Dennett: "They Are Fundamentalists"

I haven't had time to write much recently, but I thought I would link to some previous posts.

Recent events have me pondering the dogmatism of the new Darwinian Fundamentalists.
People see a contradiction in its tone of certainty. Contemptuous of the faith of others, its proponents never doubt their own belief. They are fundamentalists. I hear this protest dozens of times. It comes up in every conversation. Even those who might side with the New Atheists are repelled by their strident tone.

And the militancy:

By the third day, the arguments had become so heated that Dr. Konner was reminded of “a den of vipers.”

“With a few notable exceptions,” he said, “the viewpoints have run the gamut from A to B. Should we bash religion with a crowbar or only with a baseball bat?”

Hopefully, most people will continue to reject their worldview and will pursue civil discourse and respect for others.


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