Thursday, January 25, 2007

Plausibility Survey: Preliminary Results

I recently conducted a survey to get my readers' views of the plausibility that evolution accounts for specific aspects of the apparent history of life on earth. Below are the averages of the plausibility numbers assigned to each by the people who have commented so far. I hope more people will add their comments to that post. (All you need to do is type in seven numbers, separated by commas. Feel free to comment anonymously.)

1. 8.00

2. 5.33

3. 4.00

4. 1.67

5. 0.67

6. 0.50

7. 0.17

These results make me wonder how various people in the debates would answer. How would Ken Miller answer? Richard Dawkins? Michael Behe? Lynn Margulis? Michael Ruse? Francis Collins? Maybe some day I will email them and ask.

I will probably have more comments on these results and these issues. In the meantime, I hope that more people will comment.


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