Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tribute to Darwinian Fundamentalists

Jonathan Witt has a tongue in cheek "tribute" to Darwinian Fundamentalists here. Some choice excerpts:
Why stop at beating up on small school districts (Dover) for briefly mentioning to students that they can learn about an alternative origins theory, intelligent design, in the school library? Why stop at expunging from Ohio’s biology curricula any mention of the weaknesses in modern evolutionary theory? No, it’s time for them to go after all of those mainstream biologists and their impermissible facts that have infiltrated the peer reviewed literature.

. . . .

After that the real work begins. I’m talking about all those uncooperative fossils, the great quarries in Canada and China that show how most of the major groups of animals appeared in a geologically brief period of time during the Cambrian explosion, contradicting Darwin's gradually branching tree of life. Those fossils can't just be left sitting around. They too will have to be gotten rid of.

. . . .

It’s not enough to keep this information from students in high school biology classes. The facts are a danger to us all. Such stories will have to be stopped.

But take heart. The Darwinian Fundamentalists have arrived. They just want to help.

Those poor Cambrian fossils. They have already been deemed unconstitutional. Now they are in danger of getting whacked.


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