Thursday, April 27, 2006

Another Successful College Course

Here is an article about another college course on ID that seemed to be quite successful. The professor specializes in the philosophy of science. Seems like there is some momentum for fair and open-minded college classes on ID. Some excerpts:
“It just keeps spinning because people are so uninformed about what is going on. All of the students are now very much aware that the issue is far more complicated than implied by the media,” Roth added.

. . . .

The course delves into the history of the intelligent design movement, beginning with Plato, the first Western philosopher to make an argument for the existence of God based upon the design of this world. Our seemingly miraculous biological design and the fine-tuning of the universe allowing for the existence of life have become the chief supports for this argument. The class also tackled current scientific debates, including Darwin’s argument for natural selection and whether or not intelligent design fits into the category of science as enterprise. Finally, the class discussed the multifaceted question of how this affects religion and morality.

The response generated from Roth’s class has been overwhelmingly positive among students and faculty. . . .

Hat tip to Uncommon Descent.


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